Billy Ray and Winthorpe

Billy Ray (on the left) was rescued off the euthanasia list from the city shelter by amazing foster mom Alyssa (@adoptablesnyc), who reached out to Positive Tails about getting him neutered. He was thought to have had a serious heart murmur which was making it hard to get him neutered and making it more difficult to adopt him out.

Our veterinary partners at VERG were up for the task. At the hospital they conferred with a cardiologist and discovered that his heart murmur was a misdiagnosis. He was neutered and sent away with with an even cleaner bill of health than we could have ever hoped for.

Nothing left to do but rejoice and cuddle with his brother Winthorpe.Their foster mom knows this bonded pair needs to be adopted out together and is holding out for just the right adopter for them. Fingers crossed, this will happen very soon!