Our recent #positivetail Kitty had a traumatic 3 floor fall. While cats will often land on their feet, not this time.
Kitty was rushed to Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group. On examination they realized that the tiny 3 month old Kitty would require a fracture repair. This would unfortunately require a pricey surgery which Kitty’s family was unable to afford. She would not heal without surgery which meant euthanasia would have to be considered.

After a brief discussion with Kitty’s Mom it was clear to her medical team how much they meant to each other. To quote her, “Having Kitty is the thing that brings me the most happiness.”

One of our most important missions at Positive Tails is keeping families together so we knew Kitty and her family needed our help so her case was quickly approved.

Dr. Coleman, #vergbrooklyn staff surgeon performed the procedure and she did amazingly well. Kitty was discharged the next day.

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