Pogo was brought to @vergbrooklyn after battling a month long illness. Her family had brought her to many veterinarians along the way but her diagnosis wasn’t obvious. Finally her medical team solved the case, she was suffering from a chronic pyometra (an infected uterus)

The only cure for this is emergency surgery. Her family had already spent all they had on her care and now needed the assistance of @positivetails.

We approved her case and the VERG surgery team got right to work and performed her surgery that night.

Surgery was a success and Pogo was reunited with her very thankful family soon after.

Big thanks to all that made sure Pogo got the care she desperately needed.

We have said it before, but we’ll say it again..pyometras are a common emergency, pyometras are 100% avoidable if your animal is spayed. Avoid an emergency, and consider spaying your companion animal.

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