Who We Are

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Positive Tails is a non-profit organization founded in 2013. Our mission is to improve both animal and community welfare in New York City, in three ways: 1) We provide funding for lifesaving emergency veterinary care for those who can’t afford treatment, or for animals who are abandoned or abused. 2) We organize veterinary and One Health Clinics for people who can’t afford or don’t have access to veterinary care for their animals. 3) We provide follow up care and spay/neuter services to help animals lead long, healthy lives, and to control the incidence of unwanted animals. Our mission is centered around the belief that dogs and cats are part of our families, and we’re committed to helping to keep these families together.

Because Positive Tails is a non-profit organization, we rely solely on donations to continue the mission of providing access to life saving veterinary care and to enhance and preserve the quality of life for the animals and people we help. Please join us to help! Check out our Successful Tails to see firsthand the animals Positive Tails has been able to assist.

Positive Tails Inc.

PO Box 27192, Brooklyn, NY 11202

Tax ID # 32-0410872

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