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Harry Little wants to tell you about Positive Tails. Learn about some of the dogs, cats and people who have benefitted from the life-saving veterinary care we help provide. Because we’re an all-volunteer organization, your donations go directly to help animals in need.



Any puppy lovers in the house?!

Recent Positive Tail Rowdy was rushed to VERG for inappetence, lethargy, and diarrhea. His medical team quickly diagnosed him with the Parvo Virus. Parvo has a 90% survival rate when treated but is almost 100% deadly when left untreated.

Rowdy’s family unfortunately didn’t have the resources to cover his treatment. They reached out to Positive Tails for help and one look into Rowdy’s eyes and there was no turning his case down.
We’re happy to say that after over a week of around the clock care, Rowdy improved and was discharged to his happy family. He’s expected to make a full recovery.

While Rowdy did get his #positivetail please note Parvo is completely preventable with a vaccine, so please vaccinate your dog as a means of prevention!


Macaroni’s family realized he needed emergency care when his family realized he was struggling to urinate. They brought him to VERG medical team quickly realized he had a urinary block which was caused by bladder stones which can be deadly if not treated with a cystotomy (bladder surgery).

The surgery was more than his family could afford. They applied for assistance from Positive Tails and their case was approved. Macaroni’s surgery was a success and he was discharged a couple of days later to one very happy and relieved family.

Here he is recovering post surgery. (what a looker!)


Antu was rushed to VERG gravely ill with pneumonia. His family was distraught and wanted to do everything possible to save him, but when they heard the cost of treatment, they weren’t able afford it. They were preparing to say goodbye when Positive Tails stepped in to help. After a week of around the clock care Antu pulled through and was discharged to his family, on his way to full recovery.

From his family: “I’m beyond grateful and will always remember…when my best friend almost died, but was saved by the kindness and good hearts of people I didn’t even know.” 

Together we can help keep more families together. 


Umi was rushed to VERG when his family realized he was straining to urinate. This can be deadly but thankfully his family caught the problem early and sought medical intervention in time.

Treating this condition though is pricy and was unfortunately more than his family could afford.
They reached out to @positivetails for help and his case was quickly approved.

Fast forward 3 days, with the help of around the clock medical care from our partners at VERG, and we are happy to report that Umi was on his way to a full recovery.

The time came for him to be discharged and go back home to his family where he belonged. We are always happiest when families are reunited!


Kenny was brought into VERG with an abdominal obstruction. He had swallowed something he shouldn’t, and would require surgery to save his life. This was a heartbreaking situation because Kenny has a loving family who would do anything to save him, but the cost of the surgery was more than they could afford.

Positive Tails was happy to step in to help fund Kenny’s medical care. Now Kenny is minus one corncob in his stomach, and back with his family where he belongs. 

Billy Ray and Winthorpe

Billy Ray (on the left) was rescued off the euthanasia list from the city shelter by amazing foster mom Alyssa (@adoptablesnyc), who reached out to Positive Tails about getting him neutered. He was thought to have had a serious heart murmur which was making it hard to get him neutered and making it more difficult to adopt him out.

Our veterinary partners at VERG were up for the task. At the hospital they conferred with a cardiologist and discovered that his heart murmur was a misdiagnosis. He was neutered and sent away with with an even cleaner bill of health than we could have ever hoped for.

Nothing left to do but rejoice and cuddle with his brother Winthorpe.Their foster mom knows this bonded pair needs to be adopted out together and is holding out for just the right adopter for them. Fingers crossed, this will happen very soon!

Local animals need your help in 2018!

Too many families have to make the terrible decision to euthanize their beloved pets because they cannot afford life saving medical care. Positive Tails helps keep families together by funding medical care for animals in need. In the past year we have funded more cases than ever before, as well as providing medical care for neglected and homeless animals, and expanding our spay and neuter services to reduce the number of at-risk dogs and cats.

Donating to Positive Tails helps people in your community, as well as saving the lives of hundreds of animals.

Thank you for your support, and happy new year!