How to Help

Positive Tails is an all volunteer run organization, so your donations go directly to helping animals and families in need. This holiday season, help keep animals healthy, safe, and home with their families.

Too many animals die each year because
they are unable to get the medical care
they require. With your donations, we
can help these pets in need.
Donate Monthly
By donating monthly you help ensure that Positive Tails is ready to help animals in need now and in the future.
Start a Fundraiser
You can help by creating a personal fundraiser to honor a beloved pet, or to commemorate a special occasion. By inviting your family and friends to participate you’re involving loved ones in this lifesaving work and helping to keep families together.
Volunteer to join us at One Health Clinics to benefit people who are unable to afford veterinary care for their pets. We hold events throughout the city, year round.