Broccoli and Toby’s Tail


The mission to support displaced animals was named in honor of Toby and Broccoli due to the generosity of our Board Chair Dr. Brett Levitzke.

Toby was a stray Springer Spaniel that came into the clinic in Atlanta where Brett worked before starting veterinary school. Toby had come into the clinic after being hit by a car and left to heal on his own. After funding an expensive orthopedic procedure while in veterinary school (a bill which almost caused him not to graduate), Toby found a home with Brett and his roommate’s feline companions.

Toby was a faithful canine friend for fifteen years until dementia started to unfold in his old age. After trying all of the things Toby loved to stimulate his mind, Brett remembered Toby’s fondness for his feline roommates. Enter Broccoli the cat (not the vegetable).

Broccoli was brought to VERG of Brooklyn where Brett currently works as the Medical Director by a Good Samaritan when she sustained trauma that left her paralyzed in her hind end quarters. VERG treated her injuries and she had a full recovery. Once healed, Brett proceeded to fall in love with Broccoli’s spunky affectionate personality, and decided to bring her home to help keep Toby’s mind stimulated.


While Toby and Broc were only together for 6 months before Toby passed away, their bond was unconditional. Brett swears Toby imprinted on Broccoli before he left this world, because Broc now never leaves his side.

It is because of the incredible heart and pure love of these two animals that Dr. Brett Levitzke feels passionately about helping other animals just like Toby and Broccoli. Join him today as a Story Teller and support Positive Tails with a gift to help displaced animals in New York.