How We Help

Broc and Toby’s Tail – Join Broccoli and Toby in helping control the pet population. (click to read more)

Our partner VERG of Brooklyn regularly provides assistance to animal rescue organizations and displaced animals who require emergency and general medical attention in New York. The mission of Broc and Toby’s Tail is to offset the costs of treatments for this population. Positive Tails, through VERG, will offer assistance to an increased number of homeless animals throughout the city, and will partner with local rescue groups to create a regular spay and neuter program at VERG to help control pet over-population in the city of New York.

Ebbet’s Tail – Help deserving individuals and families with veterinary costs. (click to read more)

The doctors at our partner hospital VERG of Brooklyn are put in a very difficult situation when they are working with individuals and families who are unable to afford the state-of-the-art and life-saving services they provide to treat ill and injured animals. Due to unfortunate economic and hardship circumstances, at least two clients per week cannot afford the treatments offered and must make the heart-wrenching decision to either relinquish the ownership of their animals to VERG, take them home sick and/or injured without treatment, or to euthanize them.

Positive Tails understands the importance of the human/animal bond and how deeply people love their animals despite going through times of unfortunate financial hardships – the mission of Ebbet’s Tail is to help these individuals and animals-in-need with the hopes that in the future, our grantees will pay-it-forward and pass on their good fortune to others.

Walter’s Tail – Help Walter stop animal abuse (click to read more)

One of the most critical need areas in the field of animal welfare is in the fight against animal abuse. Animal abuse is a wide-spread epidemic throughout the world with only the most brutal cases being advertised to the public – the consequences of which being lackluster at best, even when death is the result of the abuse. The mission of Walter’s Tail is to help animals involved in abuse situations in New York. Positive Tails, through VERG of Brooklyn, will not only be providing critical medical treatment for animals who are victims, but will also be helping to prosecute animal abusers to generate awareness of a serious animal welfare issue in hopes of moving it to the fore-front of the world’s legal systems.