Rewriting their stories, four paws at a time

Positive Tails is a registered non-for-profit 501©3 public charity currently dedicated to helping the animals of New York. Founded in 2012 in conjunction with the Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group of Brooklyn (VERG), Positive Tails will provide grants to assist animals in three distinct ways – to fight animal abuse, help displaced animals and the over-population of dogs and cats, and to provide support to individuals and families who cannot afford veterinary emergency or illness care for their companion animals.

Positive Tails is not a rescue organization, but a group dedicated to providing critical assistance to animals and people in-need. While we do work in conjunction with rescue groups in the city and support their missions, our focus is on providing medical treatment and helping people stay with their pets. We will work hard to lessen the occurrence of “economic euthanasia”, because we know how important pets are to people’s lives and vice versa. We want all animals to live out their doggie years and nine lives healthy and pain free with a loving family to call their own.

Because Positive Tails is a non-profit organization, we rely solely on donations to continue our mission of providing access to life saving veterinary care and to enhance and preserve the quality of life for the animals and people we help. Please join us in becoming a Positive Tails Story Teller for animals!

Please check out our Successful Tails to see firsthand the animals Positive Tails has been able to assist.

One thought on “Rewriting their stories, four paws at a time

  1. I thank you all for founding this non-profit organization; and for VERG South, its doctors and staff, who cared for my angel, Lexi, with such genuine tenderness. It has been over 7 years since my angel lost her fight with Cushings and Diabetes, but she is with me always. Her picture will forever remain under my pillow and my love for her will never go unspoken every night. Her diagnosis came too late, but that did not stop all at VERG from trying for a year, and in the end, while so devastated by her loss, it gave me comfort to know that her last moments were with me, her grandma and the loving doctors and staff of VERG. I have entrusted the care of my Carly, who is now 13, to those of VERG on numerous occasions and will continue to do so. I am fortunate -it was the staff of VERG South all those years ago that advised me of Care Credit and was able to process my application immediately on my Lexi’s behalf. Without such I would not have been able to afford her medical needs, and cannot imagine what I would have done in such a situation. God bless Positive Tails for being a source of deserving care to animals in need and those that love them dearly. Yours, Christine A. Cinerar

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