Keng’s story is all too common. He had a bad ear infection and his family didn’t have the money to take him to a vet, and as a result that ear infection became so bad it became severely debilitating.

His family reached out to us for help. We sent him to one of our amazing partners City Veterinary Care, where we got the disappointing news that the ear infection had progressed and would now require surgical intervention (removal of his ear canal).

We were able to approve his case as well as his neuter procedure (he was a cryptorchid, Keng can’t catch a break!) Thanks to the team at City Veterinary Care, Keng is on the road to recovery. Your support has made Keng’s treatment possible.

We are thrilled that Keng is on the mend, but we can’t help but lament how differently things would be if Keng’s family had been able to visit a vet before it got so bad. This is one of the reasons that we see the importance of our clinics. Our clinics always include a physical exam where we can diagnose and treat common things like ear infections. Surgery shouldn’t have to be the answer!