Help Local Dogs and Cats

Harry Little wants to tell you about Positive Tails. Learn about some of the dogs, cats and people who have benefitted from the life-saving veterinary care we help provide. Because we’re an all-volunteer organization, your donations go directly to help … Continued


Any puppy lovers in the house?! Recent Positive Tail Rowdy was rushed to VERG for inappetence, lethargy, and diarrhea. His medical team quickly diagnosed him with the Parvo Virus. Parvo has a 90% survival rate when treated but is almost 100% … Continued


Macaroni’s family realized he needed emergency care when his family realized he was struggling to urinate. They brought him to VERG medical team quickly realized he had a urinary block which was caused by bladder stones which can be deadly if … Continued


Antu was rushed to VERG gravely ill with pneumonia. His family was distraught and wanted to do everything possible to save him, but when they heard the cost of treatment, they weren’t able afford it. They were preparing to say … Continued


Umi was rushed to VERG when his family realized he was straining to urinate. This can be deadly but thankfully his family caught the problem early and sought medical intervention in time. Treating this condition though is pricy and was unfortunately … Continued

Adopt a shelter pet!

One of our favorite parts of Positive Tails is working closely with local rescue groups to get their animals spayed and neutered to get them adoption ready! Pictured here is one of the pups we recently spayed for @mrbonesandco


Kenny was brought into VERG with an abdominal obstruction. He had swallowed something he shouldn’t, and would require surgery to save his life. This was a heartbreaking situation because Kenny has a loving family who would do anything to save … Continued

Billy Ray and Winthorpe

Billy Ray (on the left) was rescued off the euthanasia list from the city shelter by amazing foster mom Alyssa (@adoptablesnyc), who reached out to Positive Tails about getting him neutered. He was thought to have had a serious heart murmur … Continued