Luna exemplifies the importance of clinics! Luna and her family attended our clinic last Saturday and the second she arrived everyone knew something was very wrong with her. Her family had gotten her a couple of days before from an individual giving puppies away in the park and according to her family Luna never seemed quite right. The @positivetails team immediately suspected parvo. While we can vaccinate against parvo at our clinics (which would have prevented this situation in the first place) we could not treat parvo. We immediately sent Luna to our partners @cityveterinarycare where they confirmed our suspicions and got right to work saving her life. Parvo left untreated will most likely result in death, but has an 85% survival rate with treatment. 

Luna was lucky to have attended our clinic just in time, she is lucky to have a family that sought care as soon as they found a way, and she was lucky to land herself in very capable hands.

Another huge thank you to @thestreetdogcoalition for sponsoring Luna’s care

The truth is Luna should never have been bred in the first place. The person that did it was clearly not getting the puppies proper medical care. Another hard truth to swallow is a vaccine can cost $40 at a private clinic (free at our public clinics) and can be thousands of dollars to treat depending on the severity..a cost that is unattainable for many. 

So the moral of the story, stop breeding puppies and vaccinate the ones that are already here.