Milo was rushed to VERG Brooklyn after being attacked by another dog. Milo’s family was taking him out for his last walk of the day like they did every night. The attack came out of nowhere and his family was in complete shock but still made sure to get Milo exactly where he needed to be. 

Milo’s medical team acted quickly but the injuries are great. He has severe lacerations and a degloving injury (a traumatic injury that results in the top layers of skin and tissue being torn away from the underlying muscle, connective tissue, or bone) to the side of his face that requires surgical revision.

Milo’s family has contributed everything they have down to their very last cent but do not have the means to cover such a costly surgery. Unfortunately the family of the dog that made the attack fled the scene
and cannot be contacted. We are asking for your help today to cover Milo’s hospital stay and surgery. With your support we are hoping to raise $3,000 towards Milo’s care.