Lucius with Drs. Levitzke and Brida, and veterinary technician Amanda

Lucius had the bad luck of falling 5 stories off of the walled in roof he plays on daily. Luckily his fall was broken by an awning and Lucius escaped with his life. His family immediately rushed him to Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group.

His medical team was relieved to find that Lucius had a great prognosis if his injuries were treated quickly. He was suffering from pleural effusion (fluid around the lungs) and also and severe trauma to his mouth that would require surgery. While his prognosis was great, the cost of getting him there was more than his family could afford (no one plans for emergencies).

His medical team reached out to @positivetails for help. His case was approved, and we also made sure he was neutered during his time at the hospital…as this is a requirement for any case covered by Positive Tails.

Lucius tolerated everything without a single complaint…this boy does not have a mean bone in his humongous body. We’re happy to say that he did great and was discharged to his very happy family a couple days later. He will be missed by his medical team, but we’re so happy that he will be back home with his family where he belongs.

Thank you for your support in helping us make another #positivetail


Prince’s family knew something was wrong. He was not acting like himself…vomiting and vocalizing…and they knew to act right away. They rushed him to VERG Brooklyn where it was discovered he had a urethral obstruction, and as a result his kidney values were very elevated. His medical team knew he needed an immediate bladder cathererization and days in the hospital with around the clock medical care. If left untreated Prince likely wouldn’t survive. While his family cares deeply for Prince, the cost of this emergency hospitalization was more than they could afford. They got together what they could and reached out to Positive Tails.

His case was approved and his team got to work right away. Within hours, Prince was showing improvements and was discharged to his very happy family after several days of intensive care. He’s reported to be doing very well at home…almost completely back to his old self.


Tyrene, still a little groggy from surgery, getting some attention from Charles

Tyrene was abandoned when she was a tiny pup, but thankfully found her way into the care of the wonderful Hearts and Bones Rescue.

Tyrene is what some might call the perfect dog. She is a lover of people and other animals. She has been through so much in her 5 months on this planet, but she is ready for her new beginning. She received her @positivetails spay with special thanks to the amazing team at All Creatures Veterinary Hospital, making her adoption ready.

Feeling better!


Salvadore was rushed to VERG Brooklyn for lethargy and tachypnea (rapid breathing).

When collecting his history, his medical team learned that the other dog in the house had been exposed to rat poison and it was clear that Sal had too. After scouring their own home and the park where they normally take their dogs, it was finally discovered that it happened while they were visiting the home of a friend (who didn’t even realize there was poison on her property).

Salvadore has made a full recovery – please check with your building, landlord, etc about how they use poison to avoid more cases like this!


This story is about one of the gentlest, kindest cats we have ever known (spend a little time with his family and it is clear why he is the way he is).

Magneto was rushed to Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group when his family noticed that he was struggling to urinate. His medical team quickly realized he a had a severe urinary block. Along with being very painful, this can also be deadly if not treated in a timely manner. The problem is that it’s hard to plan for medical emergencies, and this one is expensive to treat. His family gave everything they could towards his care but still need additional assistance. The doctors on the case reached out to Positive Tails for help. His case was quickly approved and he received treatment right away. After a couple of days he was able to go home to his super grateful family and is reported to be doing amazing at home.

A big thanks to Drs. Bloomfield and Perez and the rest of the #VergBrooklyn team for this #positivetail


Kenny was brought into VERG with an abdominal obstruction. He had swallowed something he shouldn’t, and would require surgery to save his life. This was a heartbreaking situation because Kenny has a loving family who would do anything to save him, but the cost of the surgery was more than they could afford.

Positive Tails was happy to step in to help fund Kenny’s medical care. Now Kenny is minus one corncob in his stomach, and back with his family where he belongs. 


Our recent #positivetail Kitty had a traumatic 3 floor fall. While cats will often land on their feet, not this time.
Kitty was rushed to Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group. On examination they realized that the tiny 3 month old Kitty would require a fracture repair which meant an expensive surgery which Kitty’s family was unable to afford. She would not heal without surgery which meant euthanasia would have to be considered.

After a brief discussion with Kitty’s Mom it was clear to her medical team how much they meant to each other. To quote her, “Having Kitty is the thing that brings me the most happiness.”

One of our most important missions at Positive Tails is keeping families together so we knew Kitty and her family needed our help so her case was quickly approved.

Dr. Coleman, #vergbrooklyn staff surgeon performed the procedure and she did amazingly well. Kitty was discharged the next day.


Umi was rushed to VERG when his family realized he was straining to urinate. This can be deadly but thankfully his family caught the problem early and sought medical intervention in time.

Treating this condition though is pricey and was unfortunately more than his family could afford.
They reached out to @positivetails for help and his case was quickly approved.

Fast forward 3 days, with the help of around the clock medical care from our partners at VERG, and we are happy to report that Umi was on his way to a full recovery.

The time came for him to be discharged and go back home to his family where he belonged. We are always happiest when families are reunited!


Antu was rushed to VERG gravely ill with pneumonia. His family was distraught and wanted to do everything possible to save him, but when they heard the cost of treatment, they weren’t able afford it. They were preparing to say goodbye when Positive Tails stepped in to help. After a week of around the clock care Antu pulled through and was discharged to his family, on his way to full recovery.

From his family: “I’m beyond grateful and will always remember…when my best friend almost died, but was saved by the kindness and good hearts of people I didn’t even know.” 

Together we can help keep more families together.