Dr. Silverman and Yuki

These are difficult times to see the positive side of things…but we have found a couple of ways. Meet Yuki! Yuki’s family was not able to keep her, but luckily someone else stepped in and was eager to welcome a new member of the family.

While Yuki’s previous family adored her, they weren’t taking care of her veterinary needs and at 3 years old Yuki had not yet been spayed or vaccinated. When her new mom (who happens to be one of our awesome volunteers) reached out to us, it was because she wanted to do everything right by Yuki, and we were glad to help get her spayed and ready for her new home.

Throughout this pandemic the dedication we have seen from our partner veterinary hospitals has been amazing. We have asked a lot of them and they have delivered without hesitation.

Dr. Silverman and the team at Prospect Park Animal Clinic have treated animals for people being hospitalized for Covid-19, they have gone onsite and vaccinated animals that needed to leave their homes because their humans were in the hospital, and always made even the most difficult situations work. We’re lucky to have them on our side, now more than ever.