This is the story of how one cat went from very grumpy to a little less grumpy (and if you know cats you know that is a win!)

Jasper’s family rushed him to @vergbrooklyn when he was experiencing a urinary block. At this point his family was very familiar of the signs as it was his third time in less than a year. Jasper’s family had spent everything they had on his previous emergency unblocks at other ER hospitals.We hear this story again and again, families spend so much treating the emergencies at hand and no longer have the funds to pay for a long term solution.

When the medical team suggested a PU (perineal urethrostomy)which would highly decrease the chances of Jasper having another block, his family simply could not afford it and even wondered if euthanasia might be their only option. The medical team luckily decided to contact @positivetails and Jasper’s surgery was approved. 

Jasper did great and is already back home and he is reported to be doing very well.

Emergency care is expensive, multiple emergency visits are even more expensive. Lots of people are working on answers to this situation but until then our goal is to help as many families that need us and we will never lose sight of the fact that the help comes from all of you!