Another Successful Clinic- Thank you!!

The Positive Tails veterinary clinic on December 17 was a big success – our committed team of volunteers treated 157 animals in just a few hours! We’re grateful to partner with Christ Church and Mission Helping Hand to help bring preventive veterinary care to families in the Bronx!

Our biggest thanks to everyone who came out on a cold day, participants, doctors, volunteers, techs and groomers. We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteers and supporters who help us buy medicines and provide follow up care for those who need it. You’ve all made this holiday season a healthier, merrier one for everyone involved!


Lady was found abandoned at a construction site. Suffering from neglect, she also had severe pyometra. Without surgery, she would die.

We were able to arrange for Lady’s surgery to be performed immediately. Your support gives us the ability to respond to emergencies quickly, when every moment counts. Pyometras are fatal if treatment is delayed, so our huge thanks to all of you and to her wonderful doctors for saving Lady’s life.

She’s currently in a wonderful foster home recovering from surgery. Although it looks like she’ll need additional medical treatment, she’s feeling better, enjoying life again and we’re optimistic that she will eventually make a full recovery.

Thank you to everyone that has been supporting Lady’s journey. If you ever wonder if your donations make a difference, take a look at this lucky girl.


Daisy was found by good samaritans, severely undernourished with injuries that indicate she had been used as bait in a dog fighting ring. She was rushed to VERG, and with your help we were able to fund the treatment for her injuries. She is now recovering and on her way to a happy life with her new family. Thanks to all of you who made this possible.


Oreo was rushed to VERG after falling from his 7th story apartment. Luckily he didn’t sustain any broken bones, but had internal injuries that required hospitalization to help stabilize his condition.

His family raised all the funds they could, but emergencies are unexpected and pricey so they needed the help of Positive Tails to cover the difference. We approved his case and and we’re happy to say Oreo improved quickly after receiving amazing veterinary care from his medical team and was reunited with his family a couple of days later to finish his healing journey in the comfort of his home where he belongs.

Spay/Neuter Event with The Toby Project!

We recently teamed up with the amazing Toby Project to spay and neuter 14 cats and dogs. We originally met all these families at our April pop up clinic and had the chance to meet again for this very important follow up care.

Spay and neuter to curb overpopulation, spay and neuter to prevent future health problems, spay and neuter to combat certain behavior issues…it is always the right thing to do!


Ronan was rushed to VERG when his family noticed something wasn’t right. He wasn’t interested in food and was lethargic – this was not the Ronan his family knew. When he started vomiting they acted quickly and rushed him to the ER where his medical team quickly diagnosed that he had a foreign body lodged in his digestive system from something he’d eaten.

Ronan urgently needed surgery. His family got together what they could but emergencies are expensive and unexpected so they needed the help of @positivetails

We have a soft spot for the Ronans of the world so it was a quick yes for us under the stipulation that Ronan be neutered at the same time.

Thank you!

Our veterinary clinic last weekend was a huge success! An enormous thank you to the vets, techs, volunteers and groomers who participated in helping 80 animals and 50 families. And a special thanks to Pastor Mark Erson and St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church for hosting!


Milo was rushed to VERG Brooklyn after being attacked by another dog. Milo’s family was taking him out for his last walk of the day like they did every night. The attack came out of nowhere and his family was in complete shock but still made sure to get Milo exactly where he needed to be. 

Milo’s medical team acted quickly but the injuries are great. He has severe lacerations and a degloving injury (a traumatic injury that results in the top layers of skin and tissue being torn away from the underlying muscle, connective tissue, or bone) to the side of his face that requires surgical revision.

Milo’s family has contributed everything they have down to their very last cent but do not have the means to cover such a costly surgery. Unfortunately the family of the dog that made the attack fled the scene
and cannot be contacted. We are asking for your help today to cover Milo’s hospital stay and surgery. With your support we are hoping to raise $3,000 towards Milo’s care.