Let’s talk about pitties and how much the world adores them!

Our partner vets absolutely love treating our pitbull clients, and at our clinics they get more attention than anyone else yet when it comes to adoption they spend the longest time in the shelter and are most likely to face euthanasia.

So when we get a request for a pitbull neuter, you better believe we do everything to make that happen, because we adore them too. Any chance we get to keep more out of the shelter and keep one in the home he already has, we’re going to do it.

Thanks to @cityveterinarycare for loving Hennessy as much as we do..and for neutering him too!


PSA from Rosie! Rosie would like everyone to know to please spay and neuter. Rosie was rushed to our partners at @vergbrooklyn when her family noticed she was lethargic, and had no appetite.
Her medical team quickly diagnosed her with a pyometra (an infected uterus) This is a very serious condition and if left untreated will likely cause death.

Rosie would need emergency surgery. Emergency surgeries are expensive and require immediate attention. Rosie’s family was unable to cover the full cost of this so reached out to Positive Tails and we were able to help.

Pyometras are 100% avoidable if your dog is spayed (cats can get pyometras too) The cost of a spay surgery is a fraction of the cost of an emergency pyometra surgery. If your animal is diagnosed with a pyometra that means they have been suffering and in pain. Untreated pyometras will result in death. It is estimated that 20-25% of intact females will suffer from a pyometra before they are 10 years old.

So please take Rosie’s word for it and get your animal spayed. Rosie was very lucky. She ended up at an amazing 24 hour hospital and was able to get help with treatment…this is not the case for most animals.

We are so glad Rosie got the amazing care she deserved and that she got her family reunion, but not everyone will be as lucky as Rosie.


This wiggly beauty is Summer. We met her at our last clinic. We had her over 100 requests for spays and neuters on our waiting list. We were finally able to get them in through our amazing partners at @cityveterinarycare

Summer is an excellent companion, but the fact is that the shelters are filled to the brim with big, happy dogs like Summer, but they are the least likely to be adopted. Summer is lucky to have a great family but they know that one Summer is all they can handle. They came to the clinic knowing that they wanted her spayed but were limited by finances.

There’s such an overwhelming need for affordable spay/neuter right now in NYC that groups like Positive Tails and many others have to step in to help keep our shelters from being overrun with unwanted dogs and cats.

Kitten saved!

One more kitten off these mean streets.

Long time Positive Tails supporter @erinred_ was in a parking lot when they heard the very recognizable sound of a kitten crying. After following the sound for 45 minutes, kitten was found (ON THE EXIT RAMP!) She was definitely found just in the nick of time.

She was scooped up and brought to rescue. She was covered in fleas and clearly a stomach full of worms.
She was treated for the fleas and worms at @cityveterinarycare and is doing great.

We will see this tiny kitten aka Romey again when she is ready for her vaccines and her spay (no more unwanted kittens!).
Until then… Romey!

Thanks to everyone who made the clinic on May 13th a success!!

Our enormous thanks to the doctors, techs, volunteers, groomers whose teamwork and commitment allowed us to treat 235 animals! In one day!

We are so grateful to have met the many wonderful people and animals who attended, and are inspired by how committed everyone was to their animal’s health and well-being. It was a long, hot day and everyone’s patience and good spirits made it a pleasure for everyone involved.

And some extra appreciation to our hosts at Christ Church and Mission Helping Hand for opening up their facilities to us and being such great partners. We also were very happy to partner with NYDIS and PetSmart Charities, thanks for all the support!

Spay/Neuter Day!

An incredible day! Thanks to the beautiful team @bondvetclinic and with the help of the always dedicated @bronxcommunitycats we were able to provide 12 free spays and neuters to our wonderful NYC communities! Please watch this reel for footage of todays clinic at the Bond Vet office in Brooklyn! ❤️❤️❤️


This is Benji! His family came home to find him with a bleeding laceration in his side that was so large it needed to be surgically closed. Emergency surgery is expensive and unexpected so Benji’s family needed help. After his case was approved, the medical team at VERG got right to work. Benji did great and was reunited with his very happy family that night.  He is reported to be doing great at home.

Another Successful Clinic- Thank you!!

The Positive Tails veterinary clinic on December 17 was a big success – our committed team of volunteers treated 157 animals in just a few hours! We’re grateful to partner with Christ Church and Mission Helping Hand to help bring preventive veterinary care to families in the Bronx!

Our biggest thanks to everyone who came out on a cold day, participants, doctors, volunteers, techs and groomers. We couldn’t do any of this without our volunteers and supporters who help us buy medicines and provide follow up care for those who need it. You’ve all made this holiday season a healthier, merrier one for everyone involved!