Spay/Neuter Event with The Toby Project!

We recently teamed up with the amazing Toby Project to spay and neuter 14 cats and dogs. We originally met all these families at our April pop up clinic and had the chance to meet again for this very important follow up care.

Spay and neuter to curb overpopulation, spay and neuter to prevent future health problems, spay and neuter to combat certain behavior issues…it is always the right thing to do!


Ronan was rushed to VERG when his family noticed something wasn’t right. He wasn’t interested in food and was lethargic – this was not the Ronan his family knew. When he started vomiting they acted quickly and rushed him to the ER where his medical team quickly diagnosed that he had a foreign body lodged in his digestive system from something he’d eaten.

Ronan urgently needed surgery. His family got together what they could but emergencies are expensive and unexpected so they needed the help of @positivetails

We have a soft spot for the Ronans of the world so it was a quick yes for us under the stipulation that Ronan be neutered at the same time.

Thank you!

Our veterinary clinic last weekend was a huge success! An enormous thank you to the vets, techs, volunteers and groomers who participated in helping 80 animals and 50 families. And a special thanks to Pastor Mark Erson and St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church for hosting!


Milo was rushed to VERG Brooklyn after being attacked by another dog. Milo’s family was taking him out for his last walk of the day like they did every night. The attack came out of nowhere and his family was in complete shock but still made sure to get Milo exactly where he needed to be. 

Milo’s medical team acted quickly but the injuries are great. He has severe lacerations and a degloving injury (a traumatic injury that results in the top layers of skin and tissue being torn away from the underlying muscle, connective tissue, or bone) to the side of his face that requires surgical revision.

Milo’s family has contributed everything they have down to their very last cent but do not have the means to cover such a costly surgery. Unfortunately the family of the dog that made the attack fled the scene
and cannot be contacted. We are asking for your help today to cover Milo’s hospital stay and surgery. With your support we are hoping to raise $3,000 towards Milo’s care.


Update on our friend Brownie-he is home with his family!

Refresher on Brownie’s story-he was hit by a car after escaping from his home. A couple of very Good Samaritans got him emergency care while trying to locate his family.

Through the help of the @theneighborhoodvet Brownie’s case was brought to our attention.

Brownie got the best possible care at @vergbrooklyn where he had his complicated pelvic surgery. We’re happy to report that a couple of day later Brownie is now able to stand on his own and even walk a tiny bit which everyone worried might not happen. 

Brownie is now back home with his devoted family where he will be able to fully recover.


Pop got into an altercation with the feline resident of the house which unfortunately ended in a prolapsed eye for Pop.

His family rushed him to @vergbrooklyn He was losing a lot of blood. His medical team stabilized him.
It was decided that the best next step was to remove the injured eye. 

Emergencies are expensive and they definitely aren’t predictable so Pop’s family reached out to us for help. We approved their case and here is Pop post surgery. 

He is reported to be doing well at home but remains wary of the cat. #timehealsallwounds


Pogo was brought to @vergbrooklyn after battling a month long illness. Her family had brought her to many veterinarians along the way but her diagnosis wasn’t obvious. Finally her medical team solved the case, she was suffering from a chronic pyometra (an infected uterus)

The only cure for this is emergency surgery. Her family had already spent all they had on her care and now needed the assistance of @positivetails.

We approved her case and the VERG surgery team got right to work and performed her surgery that night.

Surgery was a success and Pogo was reunited with her very thankful family soon after.

Big thanks to all that made sure Pogo got the care she desperately needed.

We have said it before, but we’ll say it again..pyometras are a common emergency, pyometras are 100% avoidable if your animal is spayed. Avoid an emergency, and consider spaying your companion animal.


Cheuy was rushed to VERG when his family witnessed him get hit by a car. Emergencies like these can happen in an instant…one second you are out enjoying a walk with your dog and next minute he gets loose and makes a run for it. Fortunately his family acted quickly and rushed him to the hospital.

His medical team quickly got to work and knew they could help Cheuy make a full recovery, but his family unfortunately didn’t have have all the necessary funds to make this happen. Positive Tails was glad to take on the case, partnering with his dedicated medical team to help Cheuy make a full recovery and enjoy many more happy years with his family.